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Terms & Conditions

1. REQUES stores uncollected packages (with outstanding balances) for a maximum of fourteen (14) days without penalty. 
After this 14 day period, a storage fee of JM$350 per day is applied for each business day that the package is not collected.
After 10 business days, the package will be considered unclaimed and will be repossessed.
If there is no outstanding balance, the initial 14-day-no-penalty period is extended to 30 days.


2. If the shipping weight of an order increases upon arrival, the final price will be adjusted to reflect the new weight

(e.g: in the event that a package estimated at 1lb is confirmed to be 2lbs upon arrival)


3.  When placing orders on customers' behalf, REQUES is only responsible for: 

  • Placing the order (from the link sent by the customer)                                            

  •  Shipping packages safely                                                                                                                          

  •  Storing packages securely (according to Term of Service 1.)

NB: REQUES is not responsible for items that do not arrive as shown on websites (via the links received from customers).

Please read the description and other details about the item before making the order.


Shipping packages with your card

Currently, we ship packages o Tuesdays and Fridays. If there is any delay that is out of our control such as flight delay, customs clearance delay, and others, we are not responsible for those inconveniences. We do not refund package unless is lost or damaged by the REQUES team.  We do not return packages but we can facilitate with the return process.  


Thanks for choosing REQUES A Product.

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