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Is there a service fee for using your card?

Yes, there is a service fee charged for using our card to place orders.

How do I sign up for a shipping address?

You can sign up for a free USA shipping address by clicking here. Once you create an account with us, you will receive a free USA shipping address and instructions in your email.

How do you charge for packages?

We charge by weight for each individual package that we ship for you.

Are there any processing fees?

Our shipping fees are final. We do charge an additional storage fee of JM$100 per day for packages not collected after 5 days of being ready for pickup.

When will I pay customs tax?

Once your package cost exceeds US$100.00, it is subjected for Customs Duty Charge

Do you offer Islandwide delivery?

Yes, we offer islandwide deliveries via Knutsford Express or Jamaica Post (ZipMail).

What are the payment methods?

We accept payments via cash, debit cards (Kingston location), bank transfers (NCB/Scotiabank), Zelle.

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